A day in the life of Eddy Dubois – How I connected with Eddy…

Paying homage to those who asked for nothing in return…

Lest We Forget

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I hope you have clicked on the image last Monday.

Martin Baltimore

Eddy Dubois

If not, there is always time to do so…

Everyone who went to war to serve his country is a hero in my book even if I never wrote a book in my life.

I wrote what follows in 2011…

Eddy was a hero, just like his brother Larry who died on…

December 18, 1944

Eddy is on the left on his way to Bermuda.

This is the original picture Eddy sent before I made some minor modifications to it.

Eddy had written this caption…

Me on way to Bermuda from Elizabeth City, North Carolina in a Catalina flying boat in the bubble at rear

Eddy died on December 24, 2010 and rejoigned his brother Larry.

He shared a lot of pictures he had about his wartime service in the Ferry Command.

I never got around…

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