More pictures of Larry Dubois

Larry died 71 years ago. It was his 30th mission.

Lest We Forget

I wrote two articles about Jean-Charles Labrecque and one on Laurent Dubois.

Eddy’s daughter found my articles and she told her father, Eddy Dubois, Larry’s brother. Eddy told me I could share his pictures of Larry with my readers.

Here are some pictures. Most are from his training days.

Eddy wrote me and gave me more info about Larry.

He was in the Royal Canadian Signal Corps when war broke out (militia not permanent).

I was the one who suggested he joined the RCAF. They accepted him and sent him by train to Guelph I believe. Then he was in Ottawa gassing planes. He then took a course in stores in St. Thomas and by this time they were looking for aircrew so he applied for WAG and got it.

They sent him out West I think, and when he graduated, he was posted to PEI on Ansons for submarine…

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