Who remembers?

This was intended as a follow up story about LeClare Allerthorn Walker on Lest We Forget.

Walker (2)

I had found his name here on a blog when I started my research.

+(J/15477) Leclare Allerthorn Walker (Dieppe),

Since then I have found a lot of information about this pilot.

I had a new picture to share with my readers. Having exceeded my upload limit on Lest We Forget I had no choice but to create Lest We Forget II.


This picture was taken on November 11, 2015 by someone who puts flowers on LeClare Allerthorn Walker’s grave. She kind of adopted 24 year-old LeClare who wad shot down over Dieppe August 19, 1942, by probably  a  FW-190. That information about the Focke-Wulf has to be validated.

Someone asked me on Friday why I was writing so much, and having so many blogs.

You can read between the lines when I write my blogs.




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