The Canadian War Museum – World War One Gallery


Click here for more information about the Canadian War Museum.



Source of images Wikipedia

I visited the Canadian War Museum when it opened in 2005…


Then again in 2008…

These are the only few pictures I took of the World War One gallery.

I took much more pictures, but from a different era since my interest was elsewhere…

For more about World War One at the museum, click here.


When Germany invaded Belgium on August 4, 1914, Canada found itself at war. “As part of the British Empire, we had no choice in the matter,” says Canadian War Museum First World War historian and author Tim Cook.

“But we did have a choice about how we got involved.” Canadians went all out. A nation of fewer than 8 million people, Canada quickly raised a 30,000 strong contingent to fight overseas. Ultimately, more than 620,000 Canadians would serve.

First seeing action at Ypres in April 1915, Canadian soldiers stood their ground against a massive German offensive that was launched behind the earliest use of chlorine gas in the history of warfare. Other battles followed at Festubert, St. Eloi, Mount Sorrel, and along the Somme.


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