Who remembers Corporal Philippe Payer?

pictures 3


Fleet Finch

Lest We Forget II exists so you can tell your story or the story of those who have been forgotten in World War Two history books.

Lest We Forget was created back in 2009 to pay homage to young kid who enlisted in the Royal Canadian Navy when he was only 16.

He had lied on his age like so many others. He found himself in the engine room of a Canadian destroyer.

Then all hell broke loose, and his life changed forever.

He never told his story. A nightmare he relived night after night for more than 60 years. This nightmare started on April 29, 1944.

I have written so much since that I had to create Lest We Forget II in order to add pictures people still share with me.

Corporal Philippe Payer’s son is sharing all with me, and I will share his father’s story here.

Service Record Philippe Payer

pictures 3 - Copie (3)pictures 1 - Copie (2)pictures 2 - Copie (2)


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