No. 181 Squadron

About a Typhoon pilot

Flt Lt James Evans Jenkins

I know: slowest blog in the world. I’ve been travelling a lot for work, but onward! So we arrive at August 25 – Sept 16, 1944. Dad is flying solo in a Typhoon IB but also an Anson and Auster. No idea about the latter aircraft, so it’s Dr. Google.

Whilst flying solo in the Typhoon, Dad was undertaking individual dive bombing, section dive bombing and rockets at 30° and 45°. I know that the Typhoon had rockets under each wing, so presumably Dad was practicing firing the rockets at particular angles.

The summary of his flying for August 18 – August 25, 1944 was signed off by F/Lt RJ Hyde. A quick Dr Google search shows this to be Reginald Jack Hyde.

In the Anson and the Auster aircraft, Dad was the second pilot (with Flt. Sgt Clarke and W/O Graham respectively) and he…

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