Combat Part 4

Masako and Spam Musubi

comzbat 082 Lt. Hanley runs to the aid of a badly wounded Sgt. Saunders, hung up in enemy barbed wire. You will notice the bayonet on Lt. Hanley’s M-1 carbine. As bayonets could not be fixed on WWII-era carbines, this would indicate this prop gun was built post-WWII.

I Dream of Jeannie and Combat!

I am going to make a statement.

I Dream of Jeannie and Combat! are unbelievably similar.

How can that be? you must be thinking.  He’s off his rocker…

comzbat 104 “I Dream of Jeannie” publicity photo.

Well, I’m not off my rocker.  Why?  They are both fantasies.  They aren’t real.  Combat! is as far from reality as I Dream of Jeannie is.. although I wish Barbara Eden would blink herself into my home.

Screenshot (66) Fantasy. TV’s D-Day.

comzbat 114 Real. D-Day.

comzbat 107 Real. A 101st Airborne paratrooper never made it to the ground on D-Day.

comzbat 110 Real. A very dead Nazi tank man. Combat…

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