Most interesting article on the Short Stirling and the Piaggio P.108B Bombardiere

Defence of the Realm

Piaggio P.108B Short Stirling

The bomber took prominence in the world’s air forces during the 1930s to the point where an air force’s strength was determined almost solely by how many bombers they could field above anything else. This spurred on bomber development often at the negligence of development of other combat aircraft and this was especially true in the RAF where at several points in the 1930s the fastest aircraft in the inventory actually belonged to Bomber Command. As the 1930s drew on, the limitations of the single and twin engine bombers then in service were becoming obvious while the expectations of what a bomber could do to win a war was growing without a solid basis in reality. Towards the end of the 1930s several aircraft designers the world over began work on developing new more powerful four engine bombers that offered to revolutionise air warfare. The four engine bomber had the…

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