LeBreton Gallery

The multi-purpose LeBreton Gallery is a massive display area of large objects and a busy space for public programs, special events and private rentals. The artifacts on display include artillery, aircraft, armoured and non-armoured vehicles, and naval weapons. Among the gallery’s objects are: a CF-101 Voodoo jet; an M109 self-propelled howitzer; an East German BMP infantry fighting vehicle; tracked artillery from the First World War; a Chieftain tank; a Jagdpanzer IV tank destroyer; an M3 Lee; a fully restored Panzer V Panther tank; a Panzer II; a Leopard C1 tank; searchlights; rare motorcycles; Field Marshal Alexander’s staff car; a Canadian Iltis jeep and other vehicles with service in the Balkans during the 1990s; a Molch midget submarine; underwater mines; a T-34; a Valentine tank recovered from a bog in 1990[5]; an Italian L3/35 tankette; and Weather Station Kurt, an automated weather station planted by a German U-boat on the coast of Labrador in 1943.

Source  Wikipedia

My collection  of pictures  taken  in 2008 at the LeBreton  Gallery…




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