What happened in the engine room on April 29, 1944

A comment just in on Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget

Athabaskan sinking 1944

This comment on a post written in 2011!

WOW ! As a 85 year old Retired Stoker, (with a 19 year time in) this subject  comes right back at me ! As a Leading Stoker in the 50s after Korea. I was working with a stoker PO, which we be came friends. Naturally, we had a lot of Sailor talk.  I (I was in Cayuga 2nd trip with the “Great Impostor”).  

Back to Jake. My Stoker PO friend. Naturally, over our time together, a lot of Salty Dips! Jake then, after me asking about his Wartime experiences told me he had been in Atha “B” when she was sunk. ! (I will Make this short ! ) If you are not a stoker , I apologize , for the description.

When Atha “B” was hit and sinking, Jake was  hit  in #1 boiler room , which was taking…

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