A book review

airscape Magazine

Luftwaffe Fighter Force
The View From The Cockpit

Edited by David C. Isby

We’re extremely lucky, these days, to live in an age when former enemies can be be widely reconciled, respected and remembered for the honour of their service. Among other things, it means we can read  countless thrilling memoirs by the aerial warriors we want to study and admire.

But it wasn’t always so easy.

Immediately after World War Two, returning Luftwaffe veterans were often vilified by Germany’s savaged civilian population (and even Wehrmacht veterans) for failing to deliver the impossible, impregnable umbrella Goering had promised they would.

Not surprisingly, those pilots – defeated but still proud – learned to keep their memories hidden from public view. Sadly, it meant only a limited number of memoirs have come down to us ‘from the other side’.

My own collection of Allied pilot autobiographies is complemented by as many Luftwaffe…

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