If you are following this new blog about an air gunner who did not came back from the war.

RAF 264 Squadron

We Fight by Night

I could not find more information about “Bubbles” Chandler,

Who was “Bubbles”?

I would have like to tell you more about him. At first I thought he was an airman buried in Holland, but it did not make sense since the airman was a pilot who died in 1940. Click here for more details.

Bubbles most probably survived the war and had descendants. We will just have to wait and see.

Fred Gash and “Bubbles” Chandler

Jock Muir, Gerard Pelletier, and “Bubbles” Chandler

Lou Butler, Jock Muir, and “Bubbles” Chandler.


Flight Sergeant Gerard Pelletier’s niece has scanned her uncle’s album, and she is sharing it with everyone. If you use these images, please give due credit to Chantal St-Amour, and please don’t use them for commercial purposes.

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