About Johnnie Horan

Unsung hero

RAF 264 Squadron

Sharing part of my research with you this morning while having my coffee which is turning cold…

I had seen that face before… I mean the air gunner on the right.

The pilot on the left is Michael Lister Haigh. On the right is the AI operator air gunner who is unidentified of this Website.


It’s image 17. No caption but you have the file name that gives you the name of the pilot.

Johnnie Horan’s face is in Flight Sergeant Gerard Pelletier’s photo album.

The Boys at “264” Dispersal

Flight Lieutenant Pelletier added captions to most all the pictures he took.

Bill Moncur and Johnnie Horan

I got more and more curious about Johnnie…

This is what I found out about him on the Internet.

Evening Post, Volume CXXXIX, Issue 16, 19 January 1945, Page 7




(R.N.Z.A.F, Official News…

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14 thoughts on “About Johnnie Horan

  1. What incredible stories of valour. Those men deserved the VC, what they did went beyond the call of duty and how amazing his story has come out through a series of coincidences.


      1. I try hard to reunite people with these unsung heroes. Many times it doesn’t work out but I try anyway. Tried it with Bill Moncur. At least I should have gotten a reply. He was a Mosquito pilot! People don’t have the faintest idea what this means.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. And that is the sad part about it. Before long they will be names in the past or inscriptions on headstones. Their sacrifices will be forgotten and that must never happen.


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