Dear Peter,

Where P for Peter got its name…

Preserving the Past

17 April, 1992

Dear Peter,

I have procrastinated long enough. I intended to write to you much sooner but I kept putting it off. Your letter of January 18th arrived about January 24th – Thank you for writing.

I appreciate your bringing me up to date on your dad’s history. We had no idea that he was married or had a family. I will attempt to answer your queries in the order that you asked.

It is many years since I visited Hamilton and the war plane museum was not in existence. However, I have contributed funds over the years to rebuild the plane that you saw. For your information, there is an official government war museum in our nation’s capital (Ottawa, Ontario) – My nephew an army officer and my ex-pilot Bob Boyle have informed me that the major attraction is a life-size replica of “P” for Panic”. I…

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