The First Vintage Flying Wings of Canada at Calgary, Alberta

The First Vintage Flying Wings of Canada at Calgary, Alberta
Research by Clarence Simonsen

Preserving the Past

The First Vintage Flying Wings of Canada at Calgary, Alberta
Research by Clarence Simonsen


The vision of forming the first Vintage Flying Wings Aviation Museum in Canada belonged to Lynn Garrison, a very young RCAF pilot. He was 22 years old, attending university at the time, flying with 403 City of Calgary Squadron on weekends.

Today, many in the Aviation industry authoritatively recount the origins of our Aero Space Museum Association of Calgary, including the Aero Space Museum website, which is today re-named The Hangar Flight Museum, with no mention of Lynn Garrison, its true founder. With absolutely no ulterior motive, Garrison had accumulated a huge collection for permanent display in his home town. Lynn has published a new book, EVOLUTION – From 90 mph to Supersonic in 30 Years, giving some detail of what happened between 1954 and 1978. Due to the fact almost all of the people…

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Filipina Heroine


Pacific Paratrooper

Magdalena Leones Magdalena Leones

The Silver Star is the third-highest honor for gallantry in the U.S. Armed Forces. Previous recipients include Audie Murphy, Chuck Yeager, and Norman Schwartzkopf. But few people have heard of Magdalena Leones – she was a Filipino woman that served as a guerrilla soldier under U.S. command in World War II.

Leones was in her 20s when she joined the Philippine-American military effort. She is part of a small group of women – and is the only Filipino woman – to receive the award for her heroism. She died on June 16th in Richmond, California at 96-years old.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors recognized her on June 28. “We are diminished by the passing of Corporal Magdalena Leones, Silver Star Filipina World War II veteran — the only Asian to receive this honor,” Supervisor Jane Kim said. “Corporal Leones has paved the way for many…

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Par où commencer? / Where to start?

Pictures from the past

RCAF 425 Les Alouettes II

Je me le demande depuis deux semaines en regardant les 400 quelque photos de la collection de Réal St-Amour.

That’s the question I have been asking myself for two whole weeks since I have been looking at more than 400 photos from Réal St-Amour’s collection.

La guerre est finie! / The war is over!

Tous ces visages souriants. / Everyone’s smiling.

J’en reconnais quelques-uns. / I know some faces.

Pourquoi pas commencer par des inconnus comme ce capitaine d’aviation? / Why not start with people I don’t know like this Flight Lieutenant?

On le voit sur plusieurs photos. / We see him on several pictures.

Une petite idée? / Any clues.

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